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Online Reply System FAQs


Online Reply System FAQs

When I try to access the online reply slip it says access denied?

If you receive an access denied message it is caused by another Microsoft 365 account being signed in. If you are using a device your son/daughter uses it may be their student portal account. To resolve this you can go to and sign out of any signed in accounts. 

Alternatively, you can use InPrivate browsing. 

On Windows Internet Explorer/Edge

Right Click on the icon for the browser and choose InPrivate Browsing

On Google Chrome / Firefox

Right Click on the icon and choose Incognito mode

On Apple's Safari

Right Click on the icon and choose New Private Window


When trying to login it says my username or password is incorrect?

This is usually caused by your parent portal username being entered in the incorrect format.

The correct format is:


You should only use the short part (P followed by a number) for accessing MyChild)

If you cannot remember your username or password, please raise a ticket for a technician to change it.


I can't reset my password?

The current system does not allow the passwords on parents accounts to be changed. If you would like your password reset please raise a ticket.


When I try to sign the slip the pencil doesn't show?

If accessing from a mobile device you will sometimes need to put the browser into desktop mode.

You can do this on an iPhone Safari by clicking the share icon (the box with an arrow pointing up) and choosing Request Desktop Site.

You can do this on an Android device by choosing settings on the app and choosing Request Desktop Site.


How can I see if my response has been submitted correctly?

After completing the reply slip you will be taken to a summary page. Choose "View all responses" to see all the responses you have made for this reply slip.


Where can I find the electronic reply slips?

All electronic reply slips can be found under Letters & Communications and then by selecting the Year Group the letter applies to.


If you have any questions that aren't covered above, please continue to raise a ticket.




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